Nada Surf

by Paul Burmeister

I am often asked by younger people about the kinds of newer music I am listening to. This can be a miserable fail, because either I am about 10 years behind the times or I am discovering anew older music. For example, my appreciation of Radiohead came much later than it should have, and my appreciation of John Mellencamp, and especially his more recent output, has not happened until just recently. Both of these shortcomings can apply to a newfound pleasure in Nada Surf. It wasn't until earlier this summer when I was at a conference at Boston University and they were playing in a club down the block that I even knew of this band. Nada Surf was formed in 1992 and has released about 10 CDs.
My first real exposure to Nada Surf was to download "Blonde on Blonde," an irresistibly sweet ode to the Dylan album. I have been recommending this song to lots of people. Then I picked up a used copy of Let Go (2002), which is a perfect CD—tight song structures, having good variety and plenty of musical interest. Not a clinker or annoying mannerism to be found. I have also procured The Weight Is a Gift (2005) and really enjoy it.

P.S. The other newer band I have been playing is My Morning Jacket. Yeah, I know.