Radiohead, lately

by Paul Burmeister

I must admit that my awareness of and appreciation for Radiohead is late. From afar I paid attention to some reviews, especially for OK Computer (1997); but even my attention was almost 10 years after its release. Upon closer inspection and with a measured enthusiasm for their body of work, I find that I like Amnesiac (2001) the most among those I've purchased. Recorded in the same sessions as Kid A, this later disc holds together nicely, despite its eclectic inspirations. I can play the disc in its entirety without losing interest. My view on its vocals is that they are part of shifting, textural soundscape; I don't know a single lyric and don't feel a need to learn any.

While I recommend the disc highly to the committed listener, I think the general listener will find individual cuts add contrast to mixed playlists. "Pyramid Song" and "Knives Out" are my choices.