Found a diamond in the debris

by Paul Burmeister

You can spend a lot of time, and a more than a few dollars, looking through the racks of used CDs, finding good, but not rarely-good, stuff. And then, every once in a while, you come upon something that rewards your taking a chance on it. Jeanne Lee and Mal Waldron's After Hours is such a find, a duet of voice and piano that is distinctively different, from the opening bars. I had no idea when I put down my four dollars, although Waldron is a favorite player.
From 1994, recorded in France, After Hours was available in the USA through Universal Music. The concept was for a standards album, albeit one that includes tunes by Mingus / Kirk and Waldron / Lincoln.
My recommendation is to enjoy it in a quiet room or space, with other distractions eliminated. "Caravan" and Waldron's own "Fire Waltz" are highlights.