Wow! rarely

by Paul Burmeister

When a person has lived as long as I have and sampled as much music as I have, it becomes less frequent that "something new" causes a Wow! reaction. And yet, the less frequent occasion is still as potent and still as humbling as the more common Wows of one's youth.
Sun Ra, Super Sonic Jazz, 1956—Wow! I have seen Pat Patrick play (in concert with NRBQ in the 80s) and I am familiar with Julian Priester and Charles Davis, but my previous exposure to the Arkestra as an ensemble was from later recordings. My previous exposure was not as compelling as this session, which could be explained by my ears being not as open or experienced.
If you haven't been exposed to Sun Ra and His Arkestra, I recommend this date; it's paired with Fate in a Pleasant Mood, from 1961. Both sessions are very enjoyable.