Among my favorites . . . jazz leader guitar

by Paul Burmeister

I’m no expert on jazz, but I listen to a lot. I’m no guitarist, but I’ve known a few. Here’s a list of favorite jazz guitarists’ solo projects, selected out of my collection, and the list excludes jazz guitarists playing as sidemen (too many great examples!) and titles I don’t own. And the list is skewed a little by recordings from the 1970s. Apologies to Mr. Montgomery!

CORYELL Larry and CATHERINE Philip, Splendid, 1978
GREEN Grant, Solid, 1964
KESSEL Barney, Feeling Free, 1969
MARTINO Pat, Footprints, 1972
MCLAUGHLIN John, Electric Guitarist, 1978
METHENY Pat, Rejoicing, 1983
PRINCE Roland, Free Spirit, 1977
RYPDAL Terje, Waves, 1977
SCOFIELD John, Uberjam, 2002
SHARROCK Sonny, Ask the Ages, 1991
TOWNER Ralph, Solstice, 1975