Robert Grilley lives

by Paul Burmeister

1986 Burmeister Mark's Studio

I've just begun reworking a painting from my M.F.A exhibition; I saved the painting, along with a few others from that show, during many moves in intervening years. The painting was a "portrait" of Mark Arnold's studio in 1986. As I understand his response from others on my committee, Professor Robert Grilley was not thrilled with the efforts at the time of my exam. 25 years later, maybe I better understand his reservation. I could have improved the drawing  (perspective) and  clarified design relationships.

After painting in oils for many years I switched to acrylics in 2004. Because this painting was done in oil, I've retrieved my oils and reacquainted myself with the medium. Here are several things the experience of going back to oils has reminded me: 
1. All other things being equal, a change in medium requires a change in technique.
2. The drying time of acrylic affords me quicker changes; the buttery quality of oil allows me to cover real estate faster.
3. Oil painting is not conducive to a small, basement studio. (Although I discovered that Simply Green helps with clean up.)