Gamuts for dialogue

by Paul Burmeister

In the field of color reproduction, gamuts (ranges or spaces) are observed by each medium or delivery. In diagrams of color spaces, the space of the visible spectrum is much larger than RGB (video) space, which is larger than CMYK (paper) space. Every color technology tries to enlarge its space, working within the inherent limitations of the medium.

In a 1984 radio interview, Jorge Luis Borges recounted how languages are not able to match up to the complexity of things. Borges refered to Whitehead's and Chesterton's ideas about the gap between perfect languages and normal human consciousness. Employing another reduction, Borges quoted Stevenson to imagine the reduction of "gamut" that occurs from ten minutes of human experience to all of Shakespeare's vocabulary.

Consider any language and imagine the reduction in "gamut" that occurs in its usage in mass media and then in social media. Or consider the language reduction in rhetoric that occurs in politics and then in national politics. Today. In America. The gamut is exceedingly small, in part because the actors think it effective to make the language space even smaller?